Saturday, February 20, 2010

CthulhuTech: Anger and Acknowledgment

The most recent addition to my ever-expanding collection of books was Mortal Remains, a book for CthulhuTech. For the...what, three people who must be reading my ranting? If you don't know what CthulhuTech is, then suffice to say that when people say it's Neon Genesis Evangelion meets H.P. Lovecraft, they are in no way exagguerating. And it's very cool.

So, Mortal Remains. I had bought it so I could read up on the Nephilim, something I'd heard of on a couple of forums and wanted to check out for myself. Opening the book to the appropriate section, I found stats for Nephilim and rules for making pilots, but very little explaining what they were. You see, the book explains that fiction on the Nephilim can be found in a different book, Damnation View. So that's fine


This vexes me greatly. The information on one thing is spread across two books, and to what end? Aside from my frustration? Maybe I wouldn't be so annoyed if it wasn't for two things: that other information from Damnation View is happily reprinted into Mortal Remains, and that they've done this before. The core book of CthulhuTech contains references to things that only appear in the expansion Vade Mecum, including at least one thing that is utterly useless without Vade Mecum. I can only imagine how bad it would be for someone picking up the book on release and having to wait for Vade Mecum to be published.


Mortal Remains actually turned out to be a good book. If you wanted to know exactly what it's like to be living in the New Earth Government (the nation everyone in CthulhuTech lives in), then Mortal Remains is perfect. A big part of the book is given over to descrbing how people live in this bleak future, including a comprehensive section on Nazzadi culture. And for a game master who truly knows no limits, there's a section on playing the Migou. The freaking bug aliens! It doesn't feel tacked-on either, and gives normal (sane?) GMs a whole bunch of info on what the Migou are and what they do.

So aside from my little problem with Nephilim, Mortal Remains is a great setting book for CthulhuTech, and I will happily remain indentured slave to Catalyst Game Labs.

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