Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dragon Warriors

So I've purchased the Dragon Warriors updated rules from Drive-Thru RPG. It's a pretty big thing for me, since Dragon Warriors was the first RPG I ever played. For the most part, it's a big shiny re-release of the original rules. That's actually pretty good; in the original books, most of the game content was spread out over the six books, which meant insane things came up like requiring another book just so you knew how Sorcerers and Mystics worked, and having to buy another book so you could have the stealth rules. Now, everything you need to run a game is in the core book.

The most notable modification to the game is that Elementalists no longer suck hard. In the original games, Elementalists had an absurd progression curve that had them start off with spells like 'Create Light Breeze' and end with 'Summon Tsunami'. Elementalists in the new rules have the ability to attack using raw blasts of elemental energy, which makes them a decent choice for a character now instead of the only choice left for the guy who joined the group late.

The book also goes into much more detail, with a guide for running games, possible rule hacks and details on life in feudal society. The latter is a great inclusion. Dragon Warriors never really had the spectacular, high-fantasy feel of D&D, it was all about dungeon crawling in this bleak, alternate medieval society.

I can't recommend this game to everybody, though. The system is quite symplistic, with very limited character customization. With the way classes work, starting off as a Knight means that you will always be a Knight, and not that much different from any other Knight to boot. However, try taking a look at the game. It's your best choice for helping a new player get into the world of RPGs.

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